Simultaneous interpretation equipment is an economical and efficient solution for satisfying the requirements of groups of delegates and international visitors with any number of participants. Body Pack equipment is also ideal for tours, technical visits, and group meetings that require mobility.

The Alfa Traducciones interpretation technical equipment includes:

Wireless FM transmitters for the interpreter.
  • Wireless receivers for the audience. The transmitters and receivers may be regulated in various frequencies, always within a low-frequency range, which prevents interference with portable radios or other communication devices.
  • Headphones.  Our headphones are small, comfortable, and hygienic, providing participants with the comfort necessary for good hearing.
  • Interpretation cabins. Alfa Traducciones also provides a interpretation half-cabin for larger groups.
  • Technician trained to handle interpretation equipment.

This equipment, in addition to being used for language interpretation, is extremely useful for holding conferences and facilitating interpretation between persons in situations in which communication may be interfered with by other noises.


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